The meaning of the name Green Nest


When you see Green, you think of something growing. It can remind you that God wants all his children to grow. He wants you to grow bigger and stronger in your body. Therefor, you need food and exercise. You also need to grow spiritually. This means that you are to grow bigger and stronger in your soul and spirit. For this to happen, you need to know Jesus better, you need to learn what to do and what not and you need to meet friends that know Jesus too.


 A Nest is a place of safety where adults, who love you, take care of you until you are bigger. They feed you, care for you, play with you, keep you neat and tidy and teach  you so that you can grow in body and spirit.

Green Nest was Established in 2003 as a Private institution.

Registered with the Department of Health & Social Development. Situated in Villieria,Pretoria. An English Medium Pre-school, Multi Cultural, Babies 3 months to Grade R, Aftercare facilities, Transport. Qualified principal and Grade R teacher. Other staff well trained


Educational Programme

Endorse and support the National Curriculum Framework and the six Early Learning Development Areas (Elda's) namely Well-being, Indentity and belonging, Communicating, Exploring mathematics,

ivity, Knowledge and understanding of the world, that is covered in the daily

lessons of numeracy, literacy, literacy and life skills.


  • Large parking lot
  • Devil fork fencing
  • Motorized entrance gate
  • 7 classrooms
  • 2 bathrooms with small kids toilets and basins Secure walled in playgrounds
  • Jungle gyms